Guided Meditations With A Difference

We've been making guided meditations for over 30 years, during which time we've sold thousands upon thousands of copies of our recordings, and have been thanked by many, many listeners. Our little company is called Desert Heart Recordings, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, and our owner and director is Max Highstein.

Putting The Heart Before The Course™

As you listen to our meditations and our music, we think you'll notice something a little unusual: The feeling of love. We always put the heart first. It creates a feeling that is rather uplifting, gently healing, and very relaxing -- at least that's what people keep telling us again and again!

What's The Secret?

Anyone can make a guided meditation, but what's often missing are expertise, time, and care. Our approach has always been to create the highest quality script, narration, and music possible, without taking shortcuts. When you listen, we think you’ll hear the difference!

Our Writing

All of our programs are written by talented writers with special expertise in guided imagery and healing. Our scripts are carefully composed, tested, re-written and re-tested until we’re satisfied we have something of real value.

Our Narration

Once we have a great guided meditation script, we take the time and expense to have it properly narrated by professional voice artists chosen for their healing, soothing vocal quality. Working with high-end recording equipment in a professional studio, our narrators carefully deliver the scripts again and again, until we’ve captured their best possible performance. Then we edit the recordings, adjusting the timing and the spaces, so your inner journey will give you the deepest experience possible.

Our Music

Once we have a perfect narration track, we set it to music. In many cases a musical score is written specifically for the script by a highly skilled healing music specialist. In other cases, soothing background music is specifically selected to best support the specific inner journey.

Hear The Results

The result of all our expertise, time, and care is something very special that can’t be achieved by cutting corners. We take great pride in our work. Please listen and hear the results for yourself!

We're Here

Want to know more about us and our work? Feel free to contact us! We'll be here.